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ide who can help you achieve your goals an

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You must first decide who can help you achieve your goals and set up a networking meeting with the right people. You will very soon make the connections you need in order to get what you want.

This may appear to be a little mercenary, but you must do this if you wish to succeed, list ball you friends, colleagues and business associates. Add notes to the list as to how they can help you realize your goals, who or what do they know and could they pass them onto you as a useful contact or connection.

Don't feel uncomfortable about using your friends and family in this way, when you have achieved what you set out to achieve you can repay them in which ever way is fitting. And considering that they are the difference between trawling the situations vacant columns or setting up a meeting to discuss the new job or contract you want right now.

Maximize the value of these connections and decide exactly what you want to achieve with their help. You must be fully clear in your own mind about your goals or your network wont deliver.

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Make others feel as though they want to help you and not as though they are being forced or cajoled. The key to successful networking is to keep the conversation as informal and friendly as your relationship to that person is.

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